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Plumbing Renovations at Notre Dame Stadium Target Aesthetics and Hygiene

Facility Maintenance DecisionsInstitutional Facilities Projects PARTPlumbing Renovations at Notre Dame Stadium Target Aesthetics and HygieneSpotlight on Water Conservation and HygieneChallenges and Benefits of a Plumbing RenovationPlumbing Upgrades Improve Notre Dame's Bottom-Line

Tackling plumbing upgrades at Notre Dame Stadium benefits water conservation, sustainability and the user experience

By Ryan Berlin, Managing Editor    Plumbing & Restrooms   Article Use Policy

Plumbing and restroom upgrades at Notre Dame Stadium have saved more than $200,000 and enabled the maintenance department to perform needed work elsewhere on campus.

Built and opened in 1930, Notre Dame Stadium is one of the oldest and most storied football venues in college football, and it has seen its share of renovations and upgrades.

In 2014, the university gave the stadium and surrounding facilities an upgrade appropriate for its high profile on campus and beyond. The university tackled a $400 million enhancement that included the addition of three adjacent buildings and a host of plumbing upgrades.

“The Campus Crossroads Project constructed three buildings that connected to our stadium,” says Mark Hummel, assistant director of utilities and maintenance at the University of Notre Dame. “The philosophy around that is this is a location that 90 percent of our campus can walk to in less than 15 minutes. What they were finding out is that it is such a large piece of real estate that it was more of a black hole on campus than it was a venue for people.

“The renovation of the stadium was on the shirttails of the project. Within the Campus Crossroads Project, the project was undertaken to renovate the restrooms in the stadium.”

Completed in January 2018, the project involved careful plumbing product specification, as well as consideration of football practices and schedules, all with the goals of saving water, improving restroom hygiene and helping the university become more sustainable.

posted on 6/25/2018


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