Innovative wastewater treatment plant put into operation at Taldinskaya-Zaoadnaya 1 mine of AO SUEK-Kuzbass

The Ceremony to put the wastewater treatment plant into operation took place at Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya mine administration of SUEK-Kuzbass. Vladimir Melnik, State Duma member, labor hero of Russia, Evgeny Khlebunov, Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region, and Irina Klimovskaya, Head of Federal Service for Supervision of Nature Resources Administration for the Kemerovo Region participated in the ceremony.

Construction of the module type plant for treatment of mine waters as well as industrial and domestic wastewater at Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya mine administration commenced in spring 2017. The cost of the first project phase amounted to 500 million rubles. It is based upon wastewater treatment concept of module type developed by Envirochemie GmbH which successfully approved itself in operation of wastewater treatment plant at the mine named after V.D. Yalevsky of AO SUEK-Kuzbass put into operation in 2016.

The innovative technology at Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya 1 mine includes a system of tailing ponds and a modular unit of post-treatment consisting of five process modules with the capacity of 90 m3/h each. Fully-featured processing line, the main element of which is a Flomar 90 HF, space-saving high-performance flotation plant, was assembled in every module of module type. The treatment level allows the most volume of water to be used for the process needs of the enterprise. The remaining water, which meets all the established sanitary norms and wastewater parameters, is discharged into the Kyrgai River.

The construction of the wastewater treatment plant will be fully completed by 2019. The total capacity will increase up to 880 m3/h.

'It is very important, that coal companies, while increasing productivity of mines and open pits to the global coal mining standards, steadily invest heavily into green production, implementation of sophisticated and efficient technologies to minimize the so-called man-made impact on our Kuzbass nature,' said Vladimir Melnik at the opening ceremony.

'SUEK-Kuzbass can be a good example of a responsible business attitude to the conservation of biodiversity and the introduction of green technologies into the coal-mining process. They demonstrate harmonic coexistance of coal companies and the environment,' underlined Irina Klimovskaya.

For reference: SUEK is one of the leading coal companies of the world, the largest coal producer in Russia, the major coal supplier to internal and external markets. Mining, processing, transport and service companies of SUEK are located in eight regions of Russia. There are over 33,500 people working for SUEK enterprises. Andrei Melnichenko is the major shareholder.

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